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Lyn Melville

Lyn is the founding CEO. She looks after the trainers, students, employers and compliance issues. She’s always happy to talk to people on the phone and sometimes talks for too long! Lyn is an economist and educator and strives to provide the very best experience for every person who has contact with the RTO.

Daria Taplin

Daria is our contact person for Adelaide. She manages the 171 Halifax St centre with aplomb, grace and kindness. Daria has a background in journalism and is a wonderful and creative writer. She's a local and knows Adelaide like the back of her hand.

Joan Pierpoint

Joan Pierpoint has been a solicitor and conveyancer for over 30 years, and carries out legal and conveyancing training for Academic Pavilion. She operates out of Port Macquarie in New South Wales.

Kerry Shephard

Kerry is an experienced real estate agent and very established in the Camden community. Kerry also runs her own RTO, Real Estate Explained.

Ruth Matthew

Ruth is an experienced trainer. She runs her own property management agency and has exceptional communication skills.

Luke Smolucha

Luke is Mr Marvelous, he's based in Adelaide, and he works with us in training, especially in business and legal studies!

Xavier Melville

Xavier handles all of the AVETMISS reporting, a lot of the contract management and anything IT. He has a Bachelor of Science in IT specialising in software architecture. He plays the ukulele.