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Certificate IV in Strata Community Management



1 Year full-time study or part-time equivalent.




Adelaide, SA
Tamworth, NSW

This qualification reflects the role of those involved in providing management services for strata communities.

In most situations, the individual will work independently but may operate as part of a strata community management team. In this role, the person will perform all functions associated with the administration of strata communities, including facilitating meetings of strata community members, administering insurance for strata communities, handling strata community funds, as well as maintaining business records and reporting on the financial activities of strata communities.

There are no entry requirements for this qualification

Total number of units = 18

13 core units plus
5 elective units,
  • a minimum of two elective units must be chosen from the Group A Specialist elective units listed below
  • the remaining 3 elective units may be chosen as follows:
  • up to 3 units from both Group A Specialist elective units and Group B Common elective units
  • up to 2 units from the Certificate III in Strata Community Management, the Diploma of Strata Community Management, or from other Certificate IV or Diploma qualification in CPP or another current endorsed Training Package or accredited course, provided they do not duplicate the outcome of another unit chosen for the qualification

The elective units must ensure the integrity of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) qualification alignment, contribute to a valid, industry-supported vocational outcome and are to be chosen as follows:

Core units
BSBFIA402 Report on financial activity
BSBRKG304 Maintain business records
CPPCMN4008 Read plans, drawings and specifications for residential buildings
CPPDSM3016 Work in the property industry
CPPDSM3017 Work in the strata community management sector
CPPDSM3019 Communicate with clients in the property industry
CPPDSM4009 Interpret legislation to complete work in the property industry
CPPDSM4044 Coordinate maintenance and repair of properties and facilities
CPPDSM4045 Facilitate meetings in the property industry
CPPDSM4056 Manage conflicts and disputes in the property industry
CPPDSM4057 Monitor a safe workplace in the property industry
CPPDSM4084 Administer insurance for strata communities
CPPDSM4085 Handle strata community funds held on trust

Elective units
Group A Specialist elective units
CPPCMN4009 Develop team understanding of and commitment to sustainability
CPPCMN4012A Contribute to sustainable solutions throughout building life cycle
CPPCMN4013B Operate a sustainable business
CPPDSM4020 Present at tribunals
CPPDSM4026 Analyse property and facility information
CPPDSM4027 Analyse resource use in building operations
CPPDSM4028 Identify and analyse risks and opportunities in the property industry
CPPDSM4031 Arrange lease of space
CPPDSM4034 Negotiate and implement strata community management agreement
CPPDSM4040 Contribute to asset life cycle maintenance strategy
CPPDSM4042 Coordinate construction contract
CPPDSM4047 Implement and monitor procurement process
CPPDSM4048 Implement customer service strategies in the property industry
CPPDSM4055 Maintain asset management system
CPPDSM4063 Participate in developing and establishing property or facility contracts
CPPDSM4066 Plan and coordinate property and facility inspection
CPPDSM4071 Promote process improvement in the property industry
CPPDSM4072 Provide leadership in the property industry
CPPDSM4074 Select and appoint contractors in the property industry
CPPDSM4082 Monitor service requirements of owners and occupiers in strata communities
CPPDSM4083 Terminate strata community
CPPDSM4086 Oversee preparation of strata community budgets

Group B Common elective units
BSBCMM411 Make presentations
BSBESB401 Research and develop business plans
BSBESB403 Plan finances for new business ventures
BSBHRM413 Support the learning and development of teams and individuals
BSBHRM415 Coordinate recruitment and onboarding
BSBITS411 Maintain and implement digital technology
BSBMGT402 Implement operational plan
BSBOPS401 Coordinate business resources
BSBSUS411 Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices
BSBTWK401 Build and maintain business relationships
CPPDSM4087 Facilitate operation of owners committee