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Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing


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2 years full-time study or part-time equivalent.


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Adelaide, SA
Tamworth, NSW

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who are responsible for conveyancing work, team leadership and/or the management of a practice. These individuals may be a Licensed Conveyancer or Settlement Agent.

These individuals apply specialist skills and knowledge in a range of situations to deal with complex situations and issues. They work across a broad range of technical and management functions with accountability for personal outputs and may also be responsible for team outcomes.

We require students to have at least a year's experience in a legal office or conveyancing practice.

Total number of units = 15

9 core units plus
6 elective units, of which:
  • 3 elective units must be selected from Group A
  • 1 elective units must be selected from Group B
  • for the remaining 2 elective units:
  • up to 2 units may be selected from Groups A and B
  • if not listed, up to 2 units may be selected from a Diploma or Advanced Diploma from this or any other currently endorsed Training Package qualification or accredited course. Elective units must be relevant to the work environment and the qualification, maintain the integrity of the AQF alignment and contribute to a valid, industry-supported vocational outcome.

  • We will advise the units required by the regulatory body in your State or Territory

    Core units
    BSBCNV511 Take instructions in relation to a conveyancing transaction
    BSBCNV512 Finalise the conveyancing transaction
    BSBCNV611 Interpret a legal document and provide advice in a conveyancing transaction
    BSBCNV612 Identify and apply legal requirements for a conveyancing transaction
    BSBCNV613 Prepare legal documents for a conveyancing transaction
    BSBCNV614 Apply principles of trust accounting
    BSBCNV615 Interpret search results for a conveyancing transaction
    BSBCNV616 Comply with tax obligations in a conveyancing transaction
    BSBLEG522 Apply legal principles in contract law matters

    Elective units
    Group A – Conveyancing
    BSBLEG421 Apply understanding of the Australian legal system
    BSBLEG523 Apply legal principles in tort law matters
    BSBLEG528 Apply legal principles in property law matters
    BSBLEG529 Apply legal principles in corporation law matters
    FNSACC413 Make decisions in a legal context
    FNSINC401 Apply principles of professional practice to work in the financial services industry

    Group B – Transferable Skills
    BSBAUD601 Establish and manage compliance management systems
    BSBESB402 Establish legal and risk management requirements of new business ventures
    BSBFIN501 Manage budgets and financial plans
    BSBOPS504 Manage business risk
    BSBPEF501 Manage personal and professional development
    FNSORG601 Negotiate to achieve goals and manage disputes
    FNSORG602 Develop and manage financial systems
    FNSPRM601 Establish, supervise and monitor practice systems to conform with legislation and regulation